Work Samples

I’m Suzanne Klein (a.k.a. Tea Foodie) and I’ve been writing about tea and food since 2008. I develop and photograph my own cooking with tea recipes here on the blog. I also create and write for other companies who need brand and content help. Here are some examples of the work I’ve done for others, from recipe development and writing to food styling and photography. Enjoy!

Recipe Development for TeatuliaI create, test, and photograph tea-inspired recipes for the international brand Teatulia Organic Teas.

I shot product and lifestyle photography that Teatulia Organic Teas used in its email and social media campaigns.

IMG_0401I managed the development of Savory Spice’s first cookbook, including recipe creation, recipe testing, photography, and food styling.

Savory Spice BBQ Recipe DevelopmentMy boss went on a BBQ road trip and I spent a summer recreating and photographing his favorite dishes from the journey. Click through Savory Spice’s Chasing BBQ website to see my food styling work.

Savory Spice Sauces VideoI helped create and launch a line of BBQ sauces for Savory Spice. I got to show off my grilling skills for this video to promote the new products.

Savory Spice Recipe KitsI helped create and launch Savory’s first spice-of-the-month club. I was responsible for creating and publishing three years’ worth of recipes for the program, which we sent as monthly recipe kits to 2,000+ club members.

Savory Spice Club VideoI styled and helped script stop motion videos to promote Savory Spice products. This one shows how Spice Club members receive a monthly package with a recipe card and spices to make a delicious meal.

Teatulia Tea of the Month VideoI wrote branding and education content for Teatulia Organic Teas’ tea-of-the-month packaging. I shot these photos for a social media stop motion video showing how the packaging works.

Bluprint Cooking AssistantAs a freelance cooking assistant for online video classes with NBCUniversal’s Bluprint (formerly Craftsy), I got to make these delicious breads on set.

Savory Spice Holiday Recipe VideoI helped script and shoot lots of easy recipe videos for Savory Spice, like this one demonstrating how to make holiday spiced caramel corn.

Savory Spice Brining Blog ContentI helped create Savory Spice’s first holiday turkey brining kit. I got to cook and style a big holiday spread to promote the product. I also wrote step-by-step instructions for how to brine a bird.

Savory Spice BBQ Blog ContentWe smoked a whole hog in my boss’s back yard! Then I wrote about it.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.16.19 AMScreen Shot 2019-07-11 at 10.06.41 AMI designed two years’ worth of tea education classes for Teatulia’s Tea Bar in Denver, Colorado. Partnering with local experts, I hosted topics ranging from DIY kombucha to matcha workshops to tea & cheese tastings.

Teatulia Tea Education Blog ContentI’ve written dozens of pages of Tea 101 content for Teatulia Organic Teas’ website, including everything from how tea is made and how to brew tea to what is matcha and how to make kombucha at home.