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Tea Foodie’s top 5 recipes for 2012

2012 commemorates the year I started my tea foodie blog. I’ve tried to post something once a week to journal my cooking with tea explorations and tea foodie finds. It’s fun to look back and see how much content I’ve built up in less than a year. It’s also fun to finally have my cooking with tea recipe collection all in one place. I visit my recipe archive often to remake my favorite tea foodie dishes.

Here are the top 5 tea foodie dishes I’ve made most often this year:

moroccan mint tea-glazed nuts1. Moroccan Mint Tea-Glazed Nuts

Super easy and super delicious, these sweet nuts make great party snacks.
ginger-infused sweet potato coconut soup2. Ginger-Infused Sweet Potato Coconut Soup

This is one of my all-time favorite soup recipes. It’s quick to make and it freezes really well. I like to take it to friends who need a healing meal.
kombucha bread3. Kombucha Bread

This sweet and spongy quick bread is simply too easy not to make whenever there is a brunch gathering to host or attend. Be sure and serve it with honey butter…yum!
pu-erh kimchi close up4. Pu-erh Kimchi

This is just the best reason to break out my fermenting crock. It only takes a few days to ferment, and it’s fun to put in small jars and give away as gifts to foodie friends.
indian rose tea shortbread cookies trio5. Indian Rose Shortbread Cookies

This was my very first tea foodie recipe post, and it still remains my all time favorite cooking with tea dish. I selfishly like to make these cookies just to hear everyone comment on how delicious they are.

Happy cooking and sipping, and happy New Year!


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